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A small part of our Yamuna Khimstang Friends

@ Back in 2015, Initial days of our inceptions.


Yamuna Khimtsang - the ultimate stop for like minded Tibetan refugee students.

@ Back in 2015, rented temporary house, roof made of gypsum sheets and a spacious surrounding area.


We take care of stray dogs and environment around us.

Veterinary care | Shelter | Feeding drive

Who we are as Yamuna Khimtsang?

Yamuna Khimtsang, also known as ཡ་མུ་ན་ཁྱིམ་ཚང།, transcends being a mere community interest group; it stands as a communal haven for over 30 college students, encompassing both genders, most originating from Tibet. In addition, it serves as a sanctuary for 15+ stray dogs that had claimed their territory even before the inception of the group. Spontaneously formed, this close-knit community of Tibetan youth not only coexists, collaborates, and evolves together but has organically evolved into the community’s primary first responders.

Deconstructing its name, “Yamuna” draws inspiration from the river Yamuna, while “Khimtsang” ཁྱིམ་ཚང། translates to “home” in Tibetan. Essentially, it represents a collective of like-minded Tibetan college students united in their pursuit to make positive contributions to education, cultural preservation, social service, and animal welfare. Despite the hurdles faced, the group actively engages in various programs and social initiatives.

Why we do this?

To create a safe, healthy, and compassionate environment for all stray dogs in Delhi, ensuring their well-being and integrating them harmoniously into our community.

According to a study published in the journal Animals, community-based dog welfare programs that include feeding, vaccination, and sterilization significantly improve the health and reduce the population of stray dogs. The study highlights the positive impact of local community involvement in these initiatives, demonstrating better health outcomes and reduced mortality rates among stray dogs .

How we do this?

Adopt a stray

It’s absolutely possible to adopt one of us even if you are outside India. All our strays are vaccinated against rabies, and we have no trouble shipping abroad.

sponsor a stray

We have a small amazon Wishlist for our puppies and sick stray dogs. Visit the link below to share your joy! We will make sure to resonate your kind gesture.

volunteer with us

We want to give you all the chance to help and appreciate the joy of seeing the dogs jumping and wagging their tail of utmost happiness. We appreciate your time.

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